Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy Near Harley Street

Are you struggling with nagging aches and pains, are you looking to improve your performance or just want to find a way to tackle everyday stress and anxiety? We treat clients from all walks of life and and fitness level, all looking to improve the way their body feels.

•Neck or Shoulder Pain •

•Back Pain•


•Stress & Anxiety•

•Posture Issues•

•Hip & Knee Pain•

•Sports Injuries•

We offer experienced Sports and Remedial massage that targets and manages your pain. We provide structured treatments and recovery plans with rehab tailored to help with your recovery or goal.

Sports and Remedial Massage is not that relaxing, tranquil experience that you may have had at a spa. Instead, it’s a therapy designed to improve quality of movement, boost recovery from injury and ease pain. You will be treated by qualified professionals who have undergone a rigorous training in the musculoskeletal structure and anatomy of the human body.

Based in Marylebone in central London, a stone’s throw from world renowned Harley Street.

We are here to help you move better.


What We Offer


Sports & remedial Massage

Suffering with neck or back pain? Spend too many hours in front of your PC? Experiencing stress or anxiety? Or perhaps you simply train regularly and want to prevent injuries?

movement training

Learn how to move as nature intended. Improve posture and flexibility while strengthening your body through fun, multi-disciplinary training to reclaim your body and your coordination.


All our Sports and Remedial massage clients are offered a range of health advice, bonus exercises and mindfully focused tips to help improve nagging pains and various body limitations.