I truly believe we all have athletes inside us. Our hearts aren’t the only pumping system, our muscular skeletal system is too, and the only way to get that going is through movement. As the famous saying goes.. "Use it or lose it".

In my sessions I like to look to nature and our urban environment, and what we know of our evolutionary origins to provide the most upstream and useful guide for how to be fit and healthy today.

Humans are thought to have spent 200,000 years as “hunter-gatherers” adapting to life on the savannah. We were tall, strong, lean, fast, agile and fertile, yet we didn’t need supplements or equipment to keep fit and healthy. Our natural environment provided everything we needed.

Re-wild that athlete in you, achieve more and have fun!

Training should be playful, (think like a child when moving). It should be challenging and intense at times and rewarding. I’ve been inspired by various methods including Wildfitness, Parkour, gymnastic, strength training, boxing, Mayi Thai, kettlebells, olympic lifting, Exuberant animal ( Frank Forencich), POSE, Movnat inspired training, Animal flow.

I've travelled a lot in search of the best methods of training and believe in mindful, skilful, intense training to get not just results, but most importantly, enjoy moving again. Your body will feel so different, your senses awakened and body awareness re-tapped. Imagine what it feels like to move freely again, freedom to move in day to day activities, like playing with the kids, running for the bus or just feeling good in your own skin. Become an all-round athlete and achieve things you never thought possible. 

I offer personal training and group classes across various London locations.