Uju Eze

I’m a London based coach offering a multi-disciplinary approach to natural movements that will transform not only the physical, but also the mind-set. Training is exciting, inspirational and intensely meaningful and most importantly, fun.

I grew up in Nigeria in an environment that naturally challenged and got me moving in what we now call natural movement. I walked bare foot to school, running over different terrains, rolling around in the dirt, climbing and hanging from trees throwing stones at targets, balancing pots of water on my head, dancing to the rhythms of drums or songs and sounds we made up with stick and stones. Little did I know I was building a foundation for my body physically and mentally, and that I would then spend my adult life teaching people these generalist movements.

The biggest thing for me is that it was fun. I never thought of weight or muscles I should be toning, stiffness, or how long I was hanging, squatting, carrying the water on my head… because not only was it playful, I also had purpose. These are all important factors for moving....to have a purpose like chasing a ball, lifting a weight (maybe not on your head...but that’s a great skill to teach posture, your body will always find it’s base of support if you take something over the head). Not just weight loss or getting bigger muscles - these are superficial and can undermine self-esteem at times. 

I have always been in love with movement, and have grown up around the human body. My dad was a physiotherapist and mum a Midwife. The human body was always talked about. The transition from an outdoor environment to a mainly indoor one took its toll. I was the kid who was in all the teams, the captain, It was just natural.

I previously worked in Art and Design, specialising in printed textile design for three years before I knew I was in the wrong industry. After a short spell in gyms and teaching classes, I went on a coaches training program with Wild Fitness and knew this was going to be a life changing experience. I love the playful element which Colin (Wild Fitness CEO) inspired in me. All mammals play and humans play the most. It’s fun, stimulates neural brain growth, releases the trust hormone oxytocin, makes you feel good, physically and is sometimes mentally demanding. We should all play to an old age as it is instinctively something our bodies know and should be doing at any age.