What I need to know

Where your classes are

Different locations in London, will always be confirmed on my Facebook page

What to expect

When your classes are held - timetable on movewitheze Facebook page

Setting goals and objectives for clients?

What to wear?

How much? Packages? Per class?

Questions asked.

What is natural movement?

Natural movement are movement that as humans we have practiced for millions of years, 

Why is being in nature so important?

Biophilia (love of life) Our innate connection with nature  

I think there is one man that has inspired that journey for and if you get a chance read any of his books. Frank Forenich reminds us that the most essential keys to healthy minds and bodies are right outside our windows. Through millions of years of evolution, the human body and brain have been fine-tuned to respond optimally to the natural environment-to dirt,wind,rain.. we flourish in our natural evniroment. Heralitean movements calms and relaxes us, sounds of leaves rustling in the wind, waves crashing on the shore, fires roaring..Be yourselves back into nature or bring it inside with flowers, plants even pictures. But nothing beats the real thing, get outside as much as you can, 

Will I get fit, lose weight?

I have an injury...