Eat real food, from healthy system, not too much and mostly plants all, if it came from a plant, eat it; if it’s made in a plant don’t.
— Michael Pollen

We complicate things so much now as we have far too much choice, busy lives and don’t seem to trust ourselves anymore. Bad quality produce and choices made, no time for digestion or connection with what is going into our body. We have such busy lives most of us eat at our desks, on the go. Is it real food? Would your great grandparents recognise the food we see in the supermarkets now?

For thousands of years humans have eaten well and stayed healthy, so what has changed? The huge debate, I know. There is not one prescription for everyone. What has happened to eat when hungry and stop when not…crazy concept, I know. Do we ever feel hunger? Try it. Just eat real food - such a simple concept, yet so hard.

Food is not the enemy, we have just disconnected with, we never see it growing or some of us won’t recognise it out of the supermarket. What is in season now? Do you know? We think everything is in season because it is there on-shelf, ready for us now. Superfoods....isn’t every food a super food? Many thought proving questions but If there's one thing I would advise, it would be to fall in love with food, discover what is in season, spend time discovering new recipes, tastes and flavours. Forage now and then, grow as much as you can, eat real food and most importantly enjoy and fall in love with food again.