Personal training service 

If you practise movement, you will get the results you want. 

Movewitheze is London based coaching company. We use nature and what we know of our human evolution to move how our bodies were meant too. Not isolating one body part, but practising the complexity of moving. Taking it back to basics, waking up our senses and re-wiring the brain to the body through beautiful practice.  

Just as you are what you eat, you are how you move, so be a generalist and practise different movements throughout the day, exactly how children are. Unleash the inner child in you and MOVE! 





Massage Services

Sports and remedial masseue in the heart of North London. Just a short stroll away from Camden Town tube or Camden Road overland. Home visits and group massages also available depending on your location.

Why chose us?

I use different connective tissues techniques to remove blockages and damaged cells, restructure scar tissue and adhesion, aiming to release muscular tension, stiffness, end chronic pain, optimise performance and help my clients have a more active life! Book it now!