People Are Saying


Uju manages to combine professional understanding with firmness and can therefore deal sensibly with whatever athletic ambitions – or physical shortcomings - you may have.

She herself is graceful and knowledgeable and will suggest new exercises or routines for you to try – all of which she can demonstrate faultlessly. If I lived in the UK I would happily sign up with Uju for regular training.
— Independent diplomat Philip Winter
I was feeling very middle-aged when I started training with Uju about 6 years ago and during that time she has encouraged me from complete inactivity to running half marathons, regular exercise and cycling with the benefit of losing 20 lbs in the process.

She tailors an exercise plan to the individual, focussing on mobility, posture, balance and the natural movement of joints and muscles. She also considers diet and mental attitude as part of an holistic approach to improving health and fitness.

In conjunction with this she is an expert in remedial massage. The training sessions are fun and I would recommend Uju to everyone.
— Matthew Bennett