Wear comfortable underwear or shorts. A towel will be used to cover you at all times and to keep you warm.

It is normal to feel sore after the treatment, we advise you to drink loads of water and soak in warm bath to help with the soreness.

Client Consultation

We take a brief medical history and identify the reason for the treatment. We recommend clients to arrive a few minutes early as this forms part of the first treatment.

Postural & Bio-mechanical Assessment

We may carry out a postural or bio-mechanical assessment to access global muscles and their effects on the presented symptoms and conditions.

Treatment Plan

Following an assessment, we provide the client with a treatment plan and timescales to achieve the desired goals.

Rehab Plan

Following treatment, we will offer home care and/or remedial advice which forms part of the client’s treatment plan.

This may include stretches, functional exercises and health tips to do at home, which can help restore strength, flexibility and awareness within tissues and joints.


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