Re-wild that athlete in you, achieve more and have fun!

We believe that movement can be fun; freedom to move can change not just our lives, but also the way we think.

Take anything out of its natural environment and it suffers, but put it back in and it flourishes. We are not meant to live in a confined environment. Depression, stress, chronic pain, these are symptoms. Modern society conditions us to consider this as normal and unavoidable. We don’t think so. We have the potential to go beyond the temporary goals of losing fat/gaining muscle.

Training should be playful, (think like a child when you are moving), it should be challenging, at times intense, and rewarding. We’ve been inspired by various methods including Wildfitness, Contemporary Dance, Parkour, Gymnastic, Strength Training, Boxing, Mayi Thai, Kettlebells, Olympic Lifting, Exuberant Animal ( Frank Forencich), POSE, Movnat Inspired Training, Animal Flow.

We've travelled far and wide searching for the best methods of training; we believe in mindful, skilful, intense training to get not just results, but most importantly, to enjoy moving again. Your body will feel so different, your senses awakened and your awareness re-tapped. Imagine what it could feel like to move freely again!

People come to us for movement re-education and a programme that will have you performing better in all of your activities by promoting true physical mastery.

What movement training can do

  • Explore the bigger picture 
  • Re-connect body/mind
  • Replenish your connection with nature and urban environment
  • Freedom to move in your day to day activities like playing with the kids, running for the bus or just feeling good in your own skin
  • Awaken senses body awareness 
  • Reduce stress and anxiety adding relaxation
  • Teach you to move better and be strong to be useful
  • Improve sports performance through bespoke programming 
  • Better work/life balance
  • Improve health and wellbeing 
  • Restore a sense of calm and peace 
  • Learning to breathe correctly can be a life-enhancing skill

Group training

Bring you back in touch with your innate movement skills in a group environment. Teach you how to create your own practice. Change how you think about movement. Group training involves mobilising the body, a chance of exploring play practise, skills of how to move efficiently, encourages camaraderie, accountability and intensity while still allowing your coach to give you individualized attention.

For all levels of movement experience.

1-1 Training

An opportunity to fine tune your goals and define a programme just for you. We can discuss goals and objectives, previous training methods and experience, and see what you are open to so we can fine tune and define.  

Training can be outside, giving you an opportunity to look at our environment in a different way. We are designed to be exposed to and move in all sorts of natural environments.


Educational workshops on movement; learn why it is important and how we can find out ways to add it to our daily routine, whether it is through movement snacks or spending more time on the floor, looking out of our windows, and adding 'real food' to our diet. Find out the many ways you can enhance balance and learn more about our Circadian rhythms. These are all subjects addressed in a corporate workplace and in a walking workshop.

Play; many organisations such as Google have realised the importance of team bonding and how creating a happier work force ultimately means that staff are able to make better decisions, their work is more productive and they take less sick days. As play has shown to release the bonding hormone Oxitosine, it is something we teach during team bonding sessions or on away days. We teach how to introduce one another without many words, how to build trust through physicality and how to play and laugh. 




For bookings or information:

We are here to help you improve the way your body feels. Feel free to contact us to discuss your individual needs.