Personal training

 In my sessions, I like to look to nature, our urban environment, and what we know of our evolutionary origins to provide the most up stream and useful guide for how to be fit and healthy today. Training should be playful....think like a child when moving. It should be challenging and intense at times, and most of all rewarding. 

What happens in a session?

I use methods such as WildfitnessParkour, gymnastic, strength training, boxing, Mauy Thai, kettle bells, olympic lifting and Movnat inspired training. 

  • Animal circuits
  • Intense Lactic runs
  • Barefoot running workshop

We are beautiful running machines designed through two million years of evolution. However, recent studies show that 60-85% of runners become injured every year.

Learning the skill of barefoot running will help you run faster for longer, whilst preventing repeat stress injuries.

After a full bio-mechanical assessment, you will be coached through drills and techniques to get you running how nature intended:

  • lifting skill development sessions
  • improve balance, mobility, agility and body control

We can discuss goals and objectives, previous training methods and experience, and what kinds of thing you are open to. Training is likely to be outside, although sometimes the inside environment can provide equipment and other challenges too. 

People come to me for movement re-education and a program that will have you performing better in all of your activities by promoting true physical mastery.


North London

Parks: Hampstead, Highgate, Primrose Hill, Spa Fields Park, Camden Square, Shoreditch Park


Sessions are 1 hour and you can book a free 30 minute consultation ahead of your training.

1 session- £65

Block of 10- £60

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